• Hello, I'm Supreme.

    My work address is in Toronto, North York and markham

  • 詩織Shiori

    • Name:Shiori

    • Ethnicity:JAPAN

    • Heigh:163cm

    • Weigh:44KG

    • Tatoo:No

    • Measuremens:34D- 26 - 36

    • Service:GF Dating Service,包天,包夜

    • Rose:800/1h 600/45min

    About 詩織Shiori:

    A Visiting Feature for Supreme. this girl is absolutely gorgeous, beautifully fit, and a breath of fresh air. Shiori leads a healthy lifestyle, is educated and has a professional background, she is a professional yoga teacher in Japan.She is charismatic, approachable, sweet, and genuine.


    全新推出新鲜落地100%日本瑜伽老师Shiori 詩織,第一次多伦多地区服务,Supreme又一当家花旦。顶级惊艳明亮五官,媚而不俗,可淡妆,可烟熏,回头率爆表,苗天柔美身材,毫无赘肉小蛮腰,腰力十足,堪称电动小马达。气质清新阳光,性格活泼开朗,超强女友感。短期停留,手慢无。